Blog  Adventures at the Airport

Adventures at the Airport

By Lynne Butner
NFTY-SW Regional Advisor
NFTY-NW Interim Regional Advisor

It might sound like the worst job: Yesterday, for the first day of NFTY Convention, my staff assignment was to first spend four hours at Dallas-Fort Worth airport and then spend five and a half hours on a bus, making round trip circuits between the airport and the hotel.  And yet it wasn’t the worst job at all: I am privileged to have been one of the very first people to welcome the kids from all over North America who have joined us for NFTY Convention!

Even though some of them had been traveling since the wee hours of the morning, and even though they were going to have to wait hours for their shuttle to the hotel, you could feel the energy!  As teens poured out of airport terminals and onto buses, there were hugs, tears, and a fair amount of shrieking.  Common questions included, “Are we there yet? How many kids are already at the hotel? Do you know if my friend has arrived?” They couldn’t wait for the weekend to begin.

I’m not quite sure what happened when they got off the bus, since I turned right around and went back to the airport. But if the energy continues throughout the weekend (as I’m sure it will) it will be a fabulous five days.