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Guest Post: Capital Carl’s Nephew

Capital Carl at NFTY Convention 2009

Howdy from Dallas, TX! At the last two NFTY Conventions, a visitor from the local town was gracious enough to hand out prizes to lucky NFTY participants who were wearing their nametags. In Philadelphia in 2007, everyone was introduced to Liberty Lou, my distant 3rd cousin, who made so many friends and gave out even more prizes to everyone who had a nametag on.

Back in 2009, my Uncle Capital Carl repeated the favor of being a gracious host to all attendees, and handed out even more prizes.

This year in Dallas, TX at NFTY Convention 2011, I am going to continue the family tradition. Following in the footsteps of my cousin and uncle, I plan on handing out some great prizes and making some great friends along the way. I look forward to introducing myself on Friday night after Shabbat services. Can’t wait to see y’all.

Capital Carl’s Nephew