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Convention Reflection

By Jodie Friedman
NFTY Michigan (NFTY-MI)

I have anticipated attending Convention for over seven months, and even though I’m here now I still can’t help but get excited for the next thing on our schedule. A URJ camp kid through and through, a well as a regional board member, I am blessed to know that there’s a mass of over 700 enthusiastic teenagers in Dallas, Texas who stand strongly for what they believe in, as well as support me and what I believe in.

Here, I feel like I can point out every single Jewish high school student I’ve had the opportunity to meet outside of my region in the last five years of my extended Jewish youth experience. That isn’t true of course, but I feel a spiritual connection as well as a personal connection to all of the participants at the event.

I want people reading this blog to know that every single Convention participant is a part of something bigger. We are singers, dancers, dreamers, lovers, fighters, friends, allies, and the future. This I believe – 120%.