Blog  My Experience with the Mishkan T’filah Journal

My Experience with the Mishkan T’filah Journal

By Shaina Dorow
NFTY-Garden Empire Region (GER)

Two NFTYites with the MTJ

There are two main things that I find to be sacred and personal: prayer and emotion. Prayer comes from the heart, a personal experience that everyone does differently. Emotion normally comes from the brain, a reaction from the people around you.

During Shabbat morning services, we received our own copy of the Mishkan T’filah Journal, with blank pages available for us to write in. Now, I do think it’s kind of funny that technically you’re not supposed to write on Shabbat, but believe me, it was an awesome feeling to write in these journals. Pencil on paper, inside a prayer book of all things, writing about what and how I felt.

No matter what it was, I felt safe writing anything I wanted. Two parts of me came together, the intellectual and the Jew. I felt connected in so many new ways to Judaism and in so many new ways to myself.