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Rabbi Eric Yoffie Addresses NFTY

“Resolutions without action are meaningless,” said URJ President Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie in his Shabbat morning message to NFTY Convention and Youth Workers Conference delegates. Noting that we live in an insane world, Rabbi Yoffie encouraged NFTYites to make this world a more sane place by scratching the word “hate” from their vocabularies and by deciding not to surrender to bigotry or bullying.

“I believe that you are prepared to be up-standers and not bystanders,” he told them as he enumerated a list of things that teens can do to advocate for themselves and others. “As you work to keep the world sane and to have faith, it is important to enjoy yourselves as you go,” he said. “After all, God tells you that you are an infinitely precious person.”

The teens responded with cheers and applause throughout and a standing ovation for the leader of the Reform Movement. “He definitely connected with us,” one teen said. “He was on our level; he told us what we wanted to hear.”