Blog  A Rich Tradition

A Rich Tradition

By Alyssa Kress
NFTY MCVP 2009-2010

Four years ago, I fell in love with NFTY. It was NFTY Convention 2007 in my hometown of Philadelphia and for the first time, I saw the bigger picture of this organization. It was the magic of over 1000 teens coming together to recite the Sh’ma. It was singing and dancing with new friends and old. It was learning from the best and brightest in the Jewish community about topics relevant to my life. It was being proud and comfortable to be Jewish. At that event, the pieces of NFTY fit together perfectly.

Two years ago, NFTY changed my life. I made the decision to run for NFTY North American Board, and was elected as Membership and Communications Vice President for the 2009-2010 year.

When I saw the NFTY Board elected at my first convention, it never even crossed my mind that I could be part of such a rich tradition. But fast forward two years, and here I am, standing with my fellow board members along with NFTY Board alumni spanning generations. It was a remarkable moment. I spent a year on board learning, growing, and discovering so much about myself. But more than anything, I made incredible relationships—with my board, with the NFTY staff, and with participants.

That brings me to today. I decided to come back as a Resident Advisor because the past two NFTY Conventions were some of the best experiences of my life, and I want to ensure that every one of the 700 participants here in Dallas returns home feeling that their lives have been enriched.

I get to reconnect with those who made my NFTY experience incredible, and help create amazing experiences for the next generation of NFTY leaders. I am so fortunate to be here and it is truly an honor to be part of such a remarkable event.