Blog  How the URJ Camps Prepared Me To Be A NFTY Leader, part 4

How the URJ Camps Prepared Me To Be A NFTY Leader, part 4

Wherever you can find Reform Jewish teenagers, you will also find NFTY! As the youth arm of the Union for Reform Judaism, NFTY is comprised of over 450 Temple Youth Groups (TYGs) throughout the United States and Canada. These TYGs are in turn divided into our 19 regions.

NFTY’s heart and soul is the local Union for Reform Judaism affiliated synagogue Temple Youth Group (TYG). While each local TYG differs in organization, focus, size, and character, the Temple Youth Group is the outlet for the highly engaged Reform Jewish teenager in a Union Synagogue. While some TYGs only meet 5 times a year for social programs, other TYG’s meet over 20 times each school year and offer a full variety of social, leadership, educational, and social action programs.

TYG’s are linked together by geographic region into NFTY’s 19 regions. While each NFTY Region is somewhat unique in character, program, and traditions, each NFTY Region runs leadership training for local TYG’s, as well as a series of camp, hotel, or home-hospitality based conclaves or institutes that focus on Jewish themes, building community, worship, and social action for general NFTY Membership.

Click on your state/province or region below to visit the regional website:

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  3. View the Congregation information to see your NFTY Region.

NFTY’s Chicago Area Region (NFTY-CAR) comprises the city of Chicago, the surrounding urban and suburban areas, and northwestern Indiana.

Website: http://chicago.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Central West Region includes northern and central California, Nevada, and Hawaii.

Website: http://centralwest.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Garden Empire Region includes central and northern New Jersey and the West Hudson Valley of New York (Rockland and Orange counties).

Website: http://gardenempire.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Mid-Atlantic Region includes Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, eastern West Virginia, and North Carolina (excluding Charlotte).

Website: http://midatlantic.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Michigan Region includes the entire state of Michigan.

Website: http://michigan.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Missouri Valley includes Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, and central Illinois.

Website: http://missourivalley.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s New York Area Region includes New York City, Long Island, Westchester County, NY, and Fairfield County, CT.

Website: http://newyork.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Northeast Region includes Connecticut (excluding Fairfield County), Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, upstate New York and Montreal, Canada.

Website: http://northeast.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Northeast Lakes Region includes Ontario Canada; northern New York; Cleveland, OH, and its suburbs; and Erie, PA.

Website: http://northeastlakes.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Northern region includes Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, Manitoba, Canada, Sioux Falls, SD, and Rockford, IL

Website: http://northern.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Northwest region includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Alaska, as well as the Canadian provinces of British Columbia and Alberta.

Website: http://northwest.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Ohio Valley Region includes Kentucky (excluding Paducah); Indiana (excluding the northwestern corner); Ohio (excluding Cleveland and its suburbs); Nashville, Knoxville, and Bristol, TN; and western West Virginia.

Website: http://ohiovalley.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Pennsylvania Area Region includes Pennsylvania (excluding Erie, PA), Southern NJ, Delaware, and part of West Virginia.

Website: http://pennsylvania.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Southern Area Region includes South Carolina; Georgia; Charlotte, NC; Chattanooga, TN; Jacksonville, FL; and Tallahassee, FL.

Website: http://southernarea.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Southern Region includes Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, western Tennessee, Alabama (excluding Montgomery), and the Florida panhandle.

Website: http://southern.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Southern California Region includes Southern California (from San Luis Obispo to San Diego).

Website: http://southerncalifornia.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Southern Tropical Region includes central Florida to the Keys

Website: http://southerntropical.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Southwest Region encompasses Arizona; New Mexico; Southern Nevada; El Paso, TX; and Utah.

Website: http://southwest.nfty.orgEmail:

NFTY’s Texas and Oklahoma Region (NFTY-TOR) encompasses Texas (except for El Paso) and Oklahoma.