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NFTY-NAR Fall Kallah Photo Essay

NFTY Programming Vice President, Liza Moskowitz, recounts her visit to NFTY-NAR Fall Kallah, October 14-16, at the URJ Kutz Camp in Warwick, NY.

After being delayed for close to four hours, I finally landed in Newark! I loved getting to spend time with NFTY/Kutz’s Program Associate, Eli Cohn-Wein, on our late night drive to NFTY’s home, the URJ Kutz Camp for NFTY NFTY-NAR (New York Area Region) Fall Kallah! The participants had already been sent to sleep by the time I arrived, but I had a fantastic time sitting in onjoining the regional board and coordinator meeting.

NFTY-NAR has a coordinator and committee systems which allows participants to step up and lead take leadership roles within the region in a “non-regional board member” way. One of the topics that I talked withabout with the regional board and coordinators during the meeting was “generational leadership”. This concept is a favorite to the NFTY North American Board and the NFTY Staff staff and means that we must ensure that there will be leaders for the future by finding a balance between the past we inherit and having a vision for the future. I was so impressed with NFTY-NAR’s leadership and how it is extended out into the region so that generational leadership is truly accomplished. This photo shows that snacks really lead to productivity and more fun!

We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting for Saturday morning services. The sky was crystal clear and Lake Rolyn was perfectly still. The Teatron was filled with ruach, singing, and dancing throughout services. I especially loved dancing to Dan Nichol’s “Get Up” at the very beginning. It energized everyone and really prepared us for a meaningful prayer experience.

Throughout the entire weekend, Kutz provided a gorgeous backdrop to an even moreequally gorgeous and beautifully run event for NFTY-NAR. I loved watching the regional board lead the NFTY cheer or and dancing in the middle of the song session circle. One of my favorite quotes about NFTY leadership is that “We serve at the pleasure of the region.” The NFTY-NAR regional board does just that. They put their heart and soul into the weekend. Mazel Tov, NFTY-NAR regional board!

The major highlight of the weekend was the NFTY-NAR Talent Show. There were was a plethora of different acts, including this photo. All the senior girls sang “Don’t Hate Me Cause I’m Beautiful” together. It was a silly and fun act to watch, but I could really tell that this is a close knit region that loves to have fun with each other. The community that they form together at each event is indescribable. They could laugh together at the talent show, sing together at song session, discuss together during programs, and play together during free time.

Like any NFTY event, the weekend came to a close with friendship circle. Chills were sent up my spine when the region sang Hashkiveinu, acapella-style. It was the perfect way to close off the weekend.

Thank you so much NFTY-NAR for hosting me for such an INCREDIBLE weekend! Thank you also to Mike Fuld, NFTY-NAR Youth Programs Manager for all of your hard work and dedication to this remarkable region. I formed so many relationships with NFTYites and I can’t wait to hear about the rest of y’all’s year!

Liza Moskowitz is the NFTY North American Programming Vice President and a freshman at Boston University.  You can see more pictures from her weekend on facebook at and you can follow her on twitter at @NFTYPVP.