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NFTY-NO Social Action Newsletter

By Lillie Benowitz, NFTY-NO Social Action Vice-President

(SO)cial (ACT)ion

Hey everyone,

Every month I am planning on putting up a blog post to inform you of some social justice issues going on in our world today. Through this, I hope that you will be able to find and issue that you feel really passionate about and will inspire you to fight for change. These posts will be jumping off points for you to learn more. I will try to provide you  organizations that you can connect with, as well as some ideas of action steps around the issues. If you have any suggestions on topics that I should cover let me know via Facebook Message or e-mail me at Enjoy!


In 2010, one of every seven households was food insecure, meaning they did not know where their next meal would be coming from. This is the highest number ever recorded in the United States. According to Anup Shah However “meaningful long-term alleviation to hunger is rooted in the alleviation of poverty, as poverty leads to hunger.” The World Hunger Education Service estimated that in 2010 over 925 million people were hungry.  Shah continues, “World hunger is a terrible symptom of world poverty. If efforts are only directed at providing food, or improving food production or distribution, then the structural root causes that create hunger, poverty and dependency would still remain. And so while continuous effort, resources and energies are deployed to relieve hunger through these technical measures, the political causes require political solutions as well.”

There are many of myths about hunger and I will be posting them on my Facebook over the next 11 days, check it out. If we are not friends on Facebook, add me please 🙂

This is an issue that is everywhere, even if we don’t always see it. Some things that you can do to create change are:

Speak out:

  • Influence public policy to support poor people.
  • Rally for a specific country’s hunger disadvantages or to promote an organization.


  • At a food shelter – either help organize donations or run a food drive to donate to a food shelf.
  • At Kids Against Hunger – pack food for kids in the US and the world.

Just for fun:

  • – answer triva questions and with every correct answer, they will donate 10 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Programme.

For more information go to:

What is going on with the TYGs around you?

TIPTY is currently planning for our annual Meals-on-Wheels event on Thanksgiving, we anticipate to provide Thanksgiving meals for 400 underprivileged families who otherwise would not have a warm thanksgiving meal! – Rina Yarosh