Blog  NFTY-SW Social Action Poem

NFTY-SW Social Action Poem

NFTY-SW Social Action

By Julie Kline, NFTY-SW

Social action means so many things
It helps us become great people and spread our wings.
In NFTY Southwest we learn about Tikun Olam In fact we can help a kid
by buying Toms

We learn to step up and lend a hand
And in return, we feel better than we planned.
Social action means so much to me because Helping the world with the
people I care so much about, is truly what I love.

We can take what we learn from programs, and how happy NFTY makes us
feel By going into the world and helping others for real.
Talking and discussing, although it’s so much fun
We all should take some initiative and go into the sun!

Whether it’s collecting cans for the hungry or walking for a cure for
cancer Playing music for the elderly, anything can be the answer.

What I love about NFTY is we get to show the world we care With our
favorite people from here and there.