Blog  NFTY-MAR: Erev Shabbat D’var Torah Slam Poem

NFTY-MAR: Erev Shabbat D’var Torah Slam Poem

Written and performed as a Slam Poem by Aaron Kreizman and Allana Geoffrion, NFTY-MARites from Durham, NC

While a tree, may be strong and sturdy
It could not stand without roots
Planted in your heritage
Limbs like lovers, brothers and mothers
Avram knew this wood all too well
Lot, nephew
Not planted in his soil but beside him all the same
His duty became destiny in the valley of Soddom
When 4 kings rolled in with new plans for prosperity
Their selfish desires sweeping up the city of Sodom
All the while keeping their eyes on the score of the war
Almost a decade and a half of destruction and rebellion
14 and 0 so far, in per suit of a perfect season
See, the kings did not only pry the settlers of their possessions
But the city of its settlers
Among them
When Avram heard his nephew had been among those taken hostageHis heart jumped down the rungs of his ribcage
Only to be caught by its capillaries
He felt sick
Knowing a brethren branch had been ripped from its base
Something, felt out of place
He already knew his next move
A man on a mission
With a call to action he gathered his servantsReady for restitution in the dead of nightThey stealthily snuck into the city to restore what was taken
It’s amazing, the fire In Avram’s eye, kindled by a connection
Not even blood, but better
So he plundered
and pounded
and blew the house down…
Wait, wrong story
Right, anyway he took back prisoners and items rightfully theirs
Avram, a hero in the eyes of the people
They praised him with open palms
Including the King of Sodom
Who attempted to strangle Avram with glory
He found it suffocatingThe thought of the king’s offerings put a sour taste in his mouth
The spotlight was bitter
He only had a craving for the sweetness of returning siblings
Branches sown back together like stitching
You See,For Avram, the simplicity of sitting down for supperWith a full family was riches enough
The lengths, he went to
For a relative without the same roots was astounding
It reminds you
That while blood may be thicker than water
Love, is thicker than blood