Blog  NFTY’s Part in the Campaign for Youth Engagement

NFTY’s Part in the Campaign for Youth Engagement

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Earlier today, the Biennial held the Campaign for Youth Engagement forum and a few early-arrival NFTYites learned about the incredible commitment the Reform Movement is making to young people everywhere. We learned about the challenges and the dreams of the visionary leaders of our movement. NFTY’s very own Evan Traylor, NFTY-TOR President, had the opportunity to address the large crowd about his personal experience with Judaism.

Moving forward, NFTY will be playing an integral part in the formation and implementation of the Campaign for Youth Engagement. This is our chance to be a part of one of the greatest initiatives our movement has ever undertaken.


Here are three examples of how the campaign is already affecting NFTYites:

My part in the Campaign for Youth Engagement was definitely a new learning experience! I came into the campaign as part of the work that the Avodah (counselor-in-training) group participated in at Greene Family Camp this summer. After leading focus groups for teens at GFC about their thoughts on what successful Jewish life should be, the importance of meaningful relationships in their congregation life seemed to thrive through all of their stories. These campers revealed the importance of meaningful engagement lies in the strong sense of community brought to them at Greene Family Camp. These reflections gave the Campaign for Youth Engagement a great perspective on where the importance of future of Reform Judaism should be focused.

By Evan Traylor, NFTY-TOR President

I also participated in the Campaign for Youth Engagement by learning the importance behind the campaign and listening to some of the stories that my peers gave. After gaining this firsthand knowledge about the movement and having given some of my own stories and thoughts about the subject I can see the importance that Youth Engagement has on Reform Judaism.

By Jeffrey Lewis, NFTY-TOR MVP

I did not have the opportunity to be part in the Campaign for Youth Engagement with my fellow TOR-board members. However, I got to attend a meeting at Temple B’nai Israel in Oklahoma City and listen and give my input into what I think is important to help our youth get more involved. I am not like all Jewish teens, though. Most teens do not attend conformation, and keep up with their temple after they have a bar or bat mitzvah. After hearing the stories and comparing how involved I am, I now see the importance for this campaign.

By Sammi Donchin, NFTY-TOR SAVP