Blog  NFTY-GER: Changing Before Your Eyes

NFTY-GER: Changing Before Your Eyes

By Sam Waldorf, NFTY-GER Member

I have always been entranced by the flame of a Havdallah candle. Staring into the fire, I find myself filled with feelings of bliss, serenity, and comfort. This past weekend at NFTY-GER’s Turn Up Your Shine Hagigah Kallah, I experienced a Havdallah service, like none I had participated in before.

As the region began to walk onto a vacant New Jersey shore beach, spiraling around the majestic Havdallah flame, song leaders led us in the singing of Lo Yisa Goy. Then the guitars faded and there was a moment of silence as the line continued to move. From the silence then came the sound of someone resuming the song, creating a rippling effect in the region, everyone becoming song leaders, not letting the music die. I found this to be the most beautiful moment of the weekend, not because of the waves crashing on the shore or the stars shining in the sky, but because of how GER was able to turn up my shine. All of my worries in the world vanquished at that very moment; the only thing on my mind being the twisted candle.