Blog  NFTY-PAR: Elections and a New Beginning

NFTY-PAR: Elections and a New Beginning

By Hanna Anderson, NFTY-PAR RCVP

Some people see Spring Kallah as the end; I’ve come to see it as a beginning. Although it is the last event for our seniors, it marks the beginning of their Jewish adulthood outside of NFTY and it reminds them that NFTY will always have their backs. Not only is it the start of the next chapter for seniors, but it also sets up the remainder of NFTY-PAR for a fantastic new year. This particular Spring Kallah was the first to witness an innovative addition to how PAR will run. Starting a new year is a great time to start a new process, right? Instead of submitting a General Board application as they have done in the past, our Vice-Veep candidates ran for positions in an election process similar to that of the Regional Board. Although this election method was new, it was definitely successful.

NFTY PAR Spring Kallah

After Havdalah, all of PAR gathered together to choose the next three people to represent the different sub-regions: one for Western, one for Central, and one for Eastern. The candidates may have been a little nervous, but they were certainly prepared. Each speech presented great ideas for better utilizing the particular leadership position, and for bettering the region itself. They should all be so proud of their efforts and it was clear that they each play an important role in making our region what it is.

All PARites present, were able to experience the elections process; which was a first for many who were unable to attend the Regional Board Elections. Many members cannot attend the Elections event, and I’ve heard many people question what a position’s real duty is or how a certain system works. By making the Vice-Veep elections similar to the PAR Board Elections, all PARites got to understand how it works. They felt a stronger, more direct contribution to the region that only firsthand voting could provide.  These elections resulted in great leaders, new understandings, and a region-wide contribution to our General Board.

NFTY PAR Spring Kallah

The dynamic of NFTY-PAR for the upcoming year was certainly previewed at Spring Kallah. I am confident that PAR will continue to see new ideas, methods, and contributions, all of which will make NFTY a better place. Introducing the new Vice-Veep election process was the first of many progressive ideas for the future. Just as our seniors will move on to great things, we know that great things are coming our way too.