Blog  Former NFTY-STR & Camp Coleman Staff Member uses his Experience to Excel in Business

Former NFTY-STR & Camp Coleman Staff Member uses his Experience to Excel in Business

By Bobby Harris, Director of URJ Camp Coleman

Jason Freedman

Photo Credit: David H. Freedman

After spending his formative years at Shwayder Camp in Denver, CO, Jason Freedman came to work for NFTY-STR and Camp Coleman in Fall of 2003 and stayed until Spring 2006. During his time as Regional Advisor, the region grew steadily in membership and attendance at events.  Jason also  helped to significantly expand Camp Jenny–a special camp experience for inner-city Atlanta kids.  He was dedicated to program excellence and helped NFTY and Camp Coleman to develop engaging gender, social action and leadership development programs.  During his tenure, Jason forged incredibly  strong relationships with teens, staff, Rabbis and volunteers. Shortly after  he left the Southeast and headed for Dartmouth’s Tuck Business School to pursue an MBA, Jason shared with me that camp and the business world have much in common.  Several times I spoke with him from his office of his 2nd company, Flightcaster, and he compared it to running a “camp leadership meeting.”  It is affirming to read what Jason’s current mentor says about him in terms of the ambitious goals he has set forth to accomplish in his new company, 42Floors, “if anyone can do it, Jason can,  he is the Menschiest guy I know.” Jason has a unique and rare blend of determination and integrity.

I am so happy and not the least surprised to see Jason flourishing and building incredibly successful companies. They will undoubtedly be companies filled with lots of heart.

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Jason Freedman hunches his shoulders against New York City’s December chill and walks faster, nudged both by the cold and by being late. He and David Woodworth, co-founders of an Internet company called 42Floors, both stand out a bit with their buoyant, vulnerable Californianess as they swim against the trudging, elbowing crowds.

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