Blog  NFTY-SW: Highlights of Spring Kallah 2012

NFTY-SW: Highlights of Spring Kallah 2012

 By Rachel Goldberg, NFTY-SW

When most kids think of the end of April, thoughts of prom, AP tests, final exams and graduation fill their minds. For these teens, however, all those thoughts came second to Spring Kallah. We elected a new regional board, congratulated our outgoing board on their accomplishments, said our final goodbyes to the senior class of 2012 and found ourselves participating in some amazing programs.

Friday morning started with mingling, a mixer and then immediately into meet the candidates. After 15 rotations, lunch was served before heading into election time. After a long day, the entire 2012-2013 regional board had been decided:

  • Spencer Winson, President
  • Matt Wall, Programming Vice President (PVP)
  • Maddy Ginis, Social Action Vice President (SAVP)
  • Cody Rosen, Religious and Cultural Vice President (RCVP)
  • Jordan Weissman, Membership Vice President (MVP)
  • Kenny Levy, Communications Vice President (CVP)

Congratulations to everyone who ran and especially to the new board!

Once NFTYites got settled in their rooms, it was time to get ready for Shabbat and do a special program on personal expressions. Each person got the opportunity to draw, write and vote on the creations — all of which will be included in a new NFTY book. We then moved on to dinner and Shabbat services with a special twist at the end, seeing “Call Me Maybe?” The night couldn’t come to a close until after the long awaited senior circle. The class of 2012 reflected on their memories, giving away special items to siblings, friends and advisors.

NFTY-SW Tshirts

Saturday morning started with a B’eit Midrash style Torah study led by the advisors, discussing different topics about finding who you are and making decisions.  We were also able to choose from Shabbat morning services, including everything from music, singing and meditation to graffiti and camp style services. We joined together as a community for the Torah service and then it was time for lunch. During this time, participants chose from a variety of stations lead by the advisers. After a quick break, NFTYites participated in their final programs of the weekend. We had a program about making educated choices about where to donate our money to, and how to decide which was best.  Our last program was all about who YOU are. Everyone wrote who they are on a shirt, and it was time for a group photo!

Saturday night was prom night. The old board installed the new board and the party began! There was dancing, laughter and of course, yearbooks. After friendship circle and goodbyes, the underclassmen headed to bed while the seniors changed and got ready for their last chance to spend time together as a class.

Bright and early Sunday morning everyone was a bit tired but still did not want to weekend to end. The seniors enjoyed their final friendship circle and everyone gave their finals hugs and some cried because they cared. But even with a few tears, it did not stop anyone from having the time of their life.