Blog  Mechina and Kutz: A Summer of Regional Board Leadership

Mechina and Kutz: A Summer of Regional Board Leadership

By Michelle Zemil, NFTY-STR

NFTY-STR at Kutz

NFTY-STR was well represented at Kutz this summer!

I made sure I had packed everything. I wanted to be completely ready for my long overdue return home. My experience at Kutz in 2010 helped me to become a leader in my region. When I decided to return to camp in 2012, I was ready to learn more about leading my region – at least I thought I was. Mechina caught me off guard in a whirlwind. I was so pleasantly shocked by how welcoming and personable all of the NFTY General Board members were. This was no ordinary leadership training, we were growing together. Whether it was in services, beit midrash or network time, we all delved into ourselves in order to not just learn techniques, but to grow as people and as leaders.

Mechina soon came to a close, which was a bittersweet moment as I was staying for the Kutz experience. Saying goodbye to my new friends was tough, but I was ecstatic for camp to start. Along with just over 20 other General Board members, I said my goodbyes and waited for campers to arrive on opening day. Soon we were getting into the flow of things around Kutz. We started work in the regional board leadership on day one and never stopped until the end of camp. The major has not only taught me specific leadership techniques, but has given me fresh insight of what is important to me. For that, I am thankful and I can’t wait to continue throughout the coming year.