Blog  NFTY-PAR: What are your Daily Miracles?

NFTY-PAR: What are your Daily Miracles?

By Joey Nutinsky, NFTY-PAR President and Hanna Anderson, NFTY-PAR RCVP

What are you thankful for every day? Are you thankful for the ability to wake up and get out of bed? How about the opportunity to experience NFTY? Maybe you’re thankful for the laughter you share with your friends. Whatever it is that you are thankful for on a daily basis, you should take the time to show your thanks and recognize how grateful you are for those things.

At NFTY-PAR during our Summer Leadership Kallah, we gathered together for a beautiful Shacharit service. When the service reached the point where we would join together in reciting the prayer for daily miracles, N’sim B’chol Yom, PAR did something a little differently. Participants were given the ability to connect with the prayer in a more personal manner than most of them had ever experienced.

“Take out your cell phones!” the service leaders instructed, and the congregation looked around, puzzled, while following the directions. “At this time, we would like each of you to think about your own daily miracles. Think about something personal that you appreciate every single day.” As PARites pondered what they were thankful for, they were given the ability to text their response into a texting poll. Each response was displayed on a screen, and the PARites had the chance to see what their surrounding community appreciated every day. From friends to food to NFTY to music, answers ranged and explored so many wonderful areas of our lives.

As you can see below, when we compile all of the responses into a single cluster, the result is a beautiful representation of the joyful miracles that occur every day. In the image, the size of the word symbolizes its frequency among submissions, and it is clear that our PAR community has so much to be thankful for.

NFTY-PAR Word Cloud