Blog  NFTY-PAR: A Fiesta of a Torah Study

NFTY-PAR: A Fiesta of a Torah Study

By Sophie Kaplan, NFTY-PAR FVP

Sophie and the PinataPiñatas are fun for parties. They are usually vibrant with all different colors. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes such as cars, animals and guitars. They can be filled with different things too like, candy, money and toys. They are typically beaten until they are smashed open. The opening of the piñata sparks the fire in a child’s mind to go after the candy or what ever might be inside.

At SLK (Summer Leadership Kallah), PARites rekindled their childhood enthusiasm for piñatas. Piñatas were used as a medium for studying Torah.

“But how can you study Torah through smashing a piñata?” you might ask.

The Torah portion for that week was Shoftim, which outlined the characteristics of a Jewish leader. We must appoint judges and officials to enforce moral Jewish law, and we also must enforce morality in our everyday behavior. In addition, when you are in a position of power, you must use that leadership position wisely, selflessly and honestly. Abusing leadership is not acceptable.

Smashing the Pinata!As the PARites were smashing the piñatas, the group leaders observed the PARites actions, whether they shared the candy or waited in line or made a mad rush for the candy once it broke open. The group leader led a discussion about how their actions with the piñata activity correlated to their leadership qualities. The piñata activity was thought provoking for PARites and helped them rethink their actions as leaders. We were able to show PARites a different way to explore Torah and develop as a leader.  Spiderman said it well: “With great power comes great responsibility.”