Blog  NFTY-CWR: Summers in NFTY

NFTY-CWR: Summers in NFTY

This summer I was lucky enough to attend the URJ Kutz camp in New York. Along with meeting NFTYites from all around the country, I was also given the opportunity to learn so many new leadership skills. I participated in the TYG leadership program they offer at camp. I made so many unbelievable friendships while learning new techniques to run my TYG. I picked up ideas from my new friends and their various NFTY regions and I just can’t wait to bring my ideas back here.

By Riane Barney


This summer I spent four weeks exploring Israel with NFTY in Israel’s Adventure program. The trip was incredible. I’ll never forget the connections I made with my group mates, the land of Israel and my Jewish heritage. As I explored Israel, I fell in love with the place, the people and the tradition. No words can truly describe just how life changing this trip was for me. I would advise anyone who hasn’t had a chance to go to Israel to make the effort to go because it is something you will never forget.

By Alessandra Rau


This summer I was part of a session that changed my life in so many different ways. I’ve been going to camp for 7 years now, and every summer I grow and change for the better, but this summer was different. I had high expectations for the summer and every expectation I had was exceeded. I learned about myself and others, made bonds that will last forever, and met people that inspired me and taught me about the type of person I want to be in the future. It may be cliche but it’s true, Avodah will change you and your life, and it’s the best summer you will ever have.

By Sarah McCaffrey