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Seize Your Moment in Judaism

By Evan Traylor, NFTY President

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Each of us has a Jewish journey full of experiences, people, and moments that have affected and changed our perception and connection to Judaism. While some of these may have been more enjoyable or memorable than others, the collection of Jewish experiences and moments in each of our lives have changed us and Reform Judaism as a whole.

Torah Scroll

In this week’s parashah, Abram hears the words “Lech l’cha,” which can be translated as, Go forward for your own sake!” After remembering his past, Abram courageously seizes his opportunity in the present in order to fulfill and complete his destiny, his Lech l’cha.

Each one of us has opportunities to rise up, just as Abram did, and seize our own moments in Judaism. But when will those opportunities arise that can change our Jewish lives? We will never know the spiritual moments or relationships we are missing out on if we do not step outside of our comfort zones to seize the opportunities waiting for us. All of us need to allow ourselves to seize the moment and become inspired through Reform Jewish experiences. By stepping outside of our comfort zones and attending a Temple event that we have never been to before, or having a conversation with someone who just joined the congregation, we are creating our own destiny in Judaism. Lech l’cha, Go forward and seize your own moment in your Jewish journey.

Evan Traylor is currently the NFTY President and a Freshman at the University of Kansas.  He is currently studying Political Science, with a minor in Jewish Studies.  Evan hails from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is a proud alumni of NFTY-TOR. Stay up to date with all thing NFTY President by following Evan on Twitter and Facebook.