Blog  NFTY-MAR: Social Action Update

NFTY-MAR: Social Action Update

By Jennifer Vise, NFTY-MAR

Hey MAR!

As many of you know, at every event we raise money in the “jugs.” The point of the jugs is to collect spare change people have, and raise money for causes that are important to MARites, which is part of our responsibility of doing tikkun olam as Jews. At JELLO, this year, we decided our main organization that we are going to donate to this year is To Write Love on Her Arms. During JELLO, we raised money for this cause when the jugs mistakenly disappeared and we had to pay a ransom fee to get them back. After difficult calculations the totals from JELLO are in!

East: $65.65
North: $52.73
West: $74.00
South: $66.84

For a grand TOTAL: $259.22

Congratulations to the West on raising the most money. We have set a high bar, so let’s continue with this awesome participation at Fall Kallah in two weeks!

Also, in case you have not heard, the proceeds from the jugs at Fall Kallah are going to the URJ’s Relief Fund for Hurricane Sandy. I encourage all of you to collect change (pennies included!) to bring to Fall Kallah to help this wonderful cause, and to offer aid to those who have been affected people up and down the east coast, including our own MARites and fellow NFTYites as well. I look forward to seeing you all at Fall, and check back soon for another blog from another MAR SAVP!