Blog  NFTY-SoCal: My Years of Fall Kallah

NFTY-SoCal: My Years of Fall Kallah

By Ady Friedman, NFTY-SoCal Blogger

Oh hey! Oh hey!

So before I begin, I’m going to introduce myself. My name is Ady Friedman and I am the NFTY-SoCal blogger. Pretty fancy title for a job where all I have to do is put down my love for this region on paper, well on the computer. I have been a very active member of NFTY-SoCal since my very first event, LTI 2009. There are few things you should know about me. First, I never miss a NFTY event, I just don’t know how to. Second, I am an awkward person. I take awkward pictures and definitely introduce myself awkwardly (normally with a surprise hug, so prepare yourselves). I also love thrift stores, green tea and taking selfies on Instagram, I’m just a little bit addicted. I live in the tiny little town of South Pasadena, and am currently a senior at SPHS. I have two adorable kitties, Mahjong and Monkey, and fourteen turtles and tortoises (I never said I was normal).


Fall Kallah has always been my second favorite event of the year, after SJK (because I love helping others). This event always has the most new members, which means the most opportunities for new friendships. Here are some pictures from the 3 fall kallahs I have attended so far. I tried to separate the photos as much as possible by year.

SoCal Fall Kallahs 09-12

Top Left: Fall Kallah 2009. Big fun was 20’s style poker night. I met our beautiful historian Shane and we have been friends ever since.

Top Right: Fall Kallah 2010. Big fun was dress like your favorite cartoon character, and I was Wanda from The Fairly OddParents. This has been one of my all-time favorite events, mostly because at fall there is the most time to talk to friends and make new ones.

Bottom: Fall Kallah 2011. Big fun was a winter wonderland dance, cookie decorating, and fake snow fun. One of my favorite big funs ever.

So if all you got out of those pictures is that I was a very awkward freshman, that’s okay. It’s hard to understand the magic of NFTY just by looking at pictures of people you might not even know.

If this is your first event, your first Fall Kallah, or your first time back at NFTY, you should look forward to an amazing event. Fall Kallah has never disappointed me so far, and with such an amazing regional board there is no way it will disappoint me this year.  If you see me during the event please come up and introduce yourself, if I don’t already know you, or just come to say hi. I am looking forward to meeting a lot of new friends, being in a lot more than the 4 awkward pictures I was in 3 years ago, and wearing crazy clothes Saturday night for big fun. Look forward to sparkles, spandex, and surprises.

Xoxo, GossipGirl (Just kidding. It’s just me.)

Love, Ady