Blog  NFTY-MAR: Social Action Update

NFTY-MAR: Social Action Update

By Jennifer Vise, NFTY-MAR

Hey NFTY-MAR! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Thanks to everyone for contributing to the jugs last weekend at Fall Kallah. I think the program we participated in, experiencing the hurricane in our own sense and thinking about how we can give back, was a really important message to think about as we continue discussing what we are thankful around the holiday season. Remember…BE CREATIVE!

The totals are in and the sub-regions are as follows:

South: $94.06
East: $114.17
West: $84.06
North: $75.97

GRAND TOTAL: $368.27

Congratulations to the East (the best sub-region ever) for raising the most money, and to everyone who gave their spare change! Get ready for more at Winter Kallah 🙂 Keep checking the blog and Facebook in the coming weeks for more social action news and updates!