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Nashir: A Musical Journey

By Megan Brumer – NFTY-NW, Kutz Camp, and Kalsman Alumni and current Camp Kalsman songleader.

Ever since I was born, I have been listening to Jewish music.  My mom used to only have Jewish CDs in the car so whenever we drove anywhere we were listening to Jewish music.  Because of the early exposure to Jewish music, the role models of the song leaders at NFTY and at camp, and the excitement I found while playing in front of people, I became a song leader.  Throughout my song leading career, there have been three factors that have affected it the most, other song leaders, NFTY, and Camp.

My passion for song leading started because I loved watching Chava Mirel song lead at Friday night services at my synagogue when I was in elementary school.  After watching her, I knew that I wanted to be a song leader too because I wanted to bring the joy of music to others like she did for me.  Since then, I have looked up to all the people in my life who are song leaders.  I always watch them and learn from them and even as an adult and a proficient song leader, I know that if I have a question, I can always go to them for help.

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