Blog  NFTY-MAR: Winter Kallah Recap

NFTY-MAR: Winter Kallah Recap

By Hannah Rosen, NFTY-MAR

Hey hey NFTY-MAR!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic new year. Recently NFTY-MAR had our big social action fundraising event, Winter Kallah. Thanks to everyone who was able to be there! Every single person was incredibly, incredibly involved and enthusiastic! Together our participants and staff raised over $1,000 dollars on our various social action programs, including To Write Love On Her Arms and for our own Scholarship Fund.

We had a live auction where participants could win lots of things like dates with the regional board, a chance to be a Head Waiter, and even a serenade from former NFTY-MAR Regional President Max Queen. We also made a lot of money through our raffle, and of course the jugs. I am so proud to be a part of this region!

While we have been raising money for our own Scholarship Fund, as well as for the URJ’s Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, the outside organization we have been supporting is To Write Love On Her Arms. This fantastic non profit focuses on teen mental health, a hot issue in our media today. In donating to this association we are going along with the NFTY action theme for the year, “R’fuat Hanefesh – Caring for the Soul: NFTY Addresses Mental Health.”

In my TYG, BHeCTY, at Baltimore Hebrew Congregation, we have a lot of social action events planned for the next few months. This coming weekend we are having an event called “July in January.” We are going to be doing a lot of fun summer activities even though it is winter! Since Tu B’shevat is the next Jewish holiday, I am planning on having a program with all of the attendees about the importance of planting and growing our own fruits and vegetables. We will each have the opportunity to plant out own seeds and take them home with us. Hopefully people will continue to grow and cultivate these special plants through the winter and have their very own homegrown veggies!

Along with this our Synagogue is having an entire month dedicated to social action, called “Mitzvah Month.” Each group of our temple has a representative, and as the Social Action Vice President, I have been chosen to be the youth group rep. Every day during the month people can log on to a calendar and see how they can help that day! The month will be full of fun tasks that will make social action super exciting. The events are to be determined but if anyone has any good ideas, drop a note in the comments below!!!