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By Jacob Georginow, Religious and Cultural Vice President

“On this site you will find everything you need to be successful for anything that inspires you in your effort to help others…” Talia Lehman, CEO and Founder of, has devoted her life to mobilizing youth to help solve the world’s problems. The non-profit organization Talia created helps to connect youth with similar passions work together to make positive changes in the world.

This website goes way above and beyond providing you with the tools to successfully give back. If you are looking to do right in the world, RandomKid is the place to start. From assisting with collecting of funds or supplies to bringing your peers together for a common cause, helps develop your initiative in a variety of ways. Through Talia’s innovative idea brainstorming page, she shares a five-step process of which outlines the specifics of being successful in creating social change. If you are looking to support a cause or even go above and beyond to create your own for something you’re passionate about, the tools to make this possible are just a few clicks away.

Since the start of RandomKid, over 12 million youth from 20 different countries have been mobilized to provide services on four continents! Back in 2005, Leman and Anne Royse Ginther combined their efforts into aiding survivors from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. Togher, they were able to collect 10 million dollars for Katrina Relief. Today, RandomKid reports the mobilization of between 50,000 and 100,000 youth per year around a variety of causes.

All of this started because of one girl’s dream of helping others succeed. Talia Leman, still in high school, demonstrates the clear power and influence that youth can harness. That is why NFTY is thrilled to welcome her as one of our influential speakers at NFTY Convention 2013 in Los Angeles, CA! Get ready to get inspired, NFTY!

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