Blog  Doing Good in 140 Characters or Less

Doing Good in 140 Characters or Less

It Only Took 140 Characters to Do Some Good

Everything started with Twitter. Actor Joshua Malina (Scandal, The West Wing, Big Bang Theory) turned to Twitter to celebrate his Birthday, asking people to donate on his behalf to MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger. He offered to follow anybody on Twitter if they donated at least $10 in honor of his birthday.

Since 1985, MAZON has worked to end hunger among people of all faiths and backgrounds in the United States and Israel. NFTY first started supporting MAZON in 1986, with a resolution adding a donation of 3% to the cost of North American and regional events to be directed to MAZON. In the 27 years since then, this has accumulated to multiple hundreds of thousands of dollars donated from NFTY to help MAZON combat hunger.

So when we saw Joshua Malina’s tweets on behalf of MAZON, we couldn’t help but see the potential to join together and make an even greater difference for those in need.  We jumped on Twitter, and fired off this message to Josh:

NFTY Tweets at Josh Malina

Within minutes, we received a tweet back and Josh Malina agreed to join us at NFTY Convention to accept the donation!

Josh Malina Responds to NFTY!

We’re so excited to be welcoming Joshua to NFTY Convention in just two weeks, where we’ll have a chance to hear from him about his history working with MAZON, how he mobilized and directed a community to support a cause he’s passionate about, and how Judaism guides him in this work.

NFTY is proud as a Movement to have a relationship with such an influential organization for virtually all of its history. MAZON, which means “food” or “sustenance” in Hebrew, was the first national organization to rally the American Jewish community around the issue of hunger, and remains the only North American Jewish organization dedicated exclusively to that same cause.

This year, NFTY Convention is all about using your influence to make your mark on the world. We’re delighted to see this happening in real life, as we unite our movement, an influential actor campaigning for good, and an amazing organization making a real difference on the ground. And it only took 140 characters to start!