Blog  NFTY-SO: Reducing Waste in Southern

NFTY-SO: Reducing Waste in Southern

Kovi Katz, NFTY-SO Social Action Vice President

I have recently started an initiative within NFTY-SO called the “Regional Waste Reduction Initiative.” It is something that I have wanted to do for the past year, and I am excited to see it come to fruition. My goal for the initiative is simple; I want to reduce the waste output of our region and influence the communities surrounding our region to do the same. I plan on posting a simple monthly goal on Facebook, twitter and our website and ask our followers and friends to spread the word on their favorite social media websites.

Though the goal is simple, in practice, the initiative becomes a bit more difficult. The reason behind the difficulty is the necessary breaking of habits that exist in our lives. Our first goal, which will last throughout the entirety of February, is to unplug cell phone chargers when there is no cell phone plugged in. On one hand it seems like a simple task, but on the other it requires you to remember the difference you can make each and every day, and having to constantly be in the moment can be hard. Although unplugging one cellphone charger may seem to make a very small difference, if the United States were to unplug their cell phone chargers during the day we could power over 175,000 homes!

Overall, the process seems airtight. Now all we need to do is go forth with our plans, but in order to do that I need your help. I need you to unplug your charger. I need you to be constantly aware. I need you to make a difference. Help me, NFTY, to help us.

Follow NFTY Southern’s Regional Waste Reduction Initiative on our website and share your own plans on twitter! Use the hashtag #NoWasteinSO.