Blog  A Weekend with My Closest Friends

A Weekend with My Closest Friends

By Sophie Foxman, NFTY Northeast Lakes Region and NFTY Convention Participant

NC13 Song Session


I am so excited to be in Los Angeles for NFTY Convention this weekend. After counting down the past 100 days, I woke up early this morning to start my journey to convention. The five and a half hour long flight couldn’t get my excitement down, and the energy in any room with NFTY-ites continues to be breathtaking. At first it was very overwhelming, the amount of people, the time difference and the new environment (no snow!), but the wonderful NFTY atmosphere was as welcoming as ever, and any doubts shed away immediately! It’s only been a day, but I already feel like I’m here with my 900 closest friends, I just haven’t met most of them yet!

I am so looking forward to the rest of the weekend and for the workshops to start tomorrow! I can’t wait to meet more people with similar interests and enjoy the rest of this wonderful opportunity!