Blog  Honoring Mark and Peachy Levy

Honoring Mark and Peachy Levy

by Rachel Kahn, NFTY-Northwest President, Sophie Grossman, NFTY-Central West President, Spencer Winson, NFTY-Southwest President, and Jenna Snyder, NFTY-SoCal President   


Twice a year, the NFTY General Board meets to do the business of NFTY. On rare occasions, the General Board is given the opportunity to review recommendations to give NFTY’s highest honor, NFTY Lifetime Membership, to individuals who have indelibly impacted NFTY. The requirements for NFTY Lifetime Membership include dedicating more than seven years to the ongoing development of NFTY on a North American level.

Our most recent recipients have dedicated their time, resources, and passion to helping further youth participation within NFTY-SoCal, NFTY-Southwest, NFTY-Northwest, NFTY Central West, Camp Newman, Camp Kalsman, NFTY in Israel, NFTY EIE Semester in Israel, NFTY Mitzvah Corps, NFTY Convention and the URJ Kutz Camp.

Because of their generosity, more than 20,000 young people have been afforded the opportunity to attend NFTY events, travel to Israel, and enjoy exciting summer camping experiences. However, perhaps their greatest gifts are the time and passion they have dedicated to creating the canvas for immersive, meaningful, and transformative Reform Jewish experiences in which to be created.

On behalf of the West Coast regions of NFTY, it is our honor, privilege, and joy to present NFTY Lifetime Membership to outstanding role models, philanthropists, and supporters, Mark and Peachy Levy.


 Resolution to Grant NFTY Lifetime Membership to Mark & Peachy Levy

Friday, February 15, 2013

WHEREAS NFTY strives to create a community where every individual is equal, regardless of financial situation, and;

WHEREAS NFTY strives to not let members’ financial situations limit their participation in NFTY regional events and summer programs, and;

WHEREAS many NFTYites have received financial aid in order to attend events and participate in programs, and;

WHEREAS Mark & Peachy Levy have donated significantly to help teens attend meaningful and life changing programs at  URJ Camp Newman, NFTY-SoCal, NFTY-SW, NFTY Mitzvah Corps, NFTY in Israel, the URJ Kutz Camp, and NFTY-EIE, and;

WHEREAS the Levy’s contributed significantly to expand the growth of URJ Camp Newman (NFTY-CWR’s regional camp) and to URJ Camp Kalsman (NFTY-NW’s regional camp) since 2002 and;

WHEREAS scholarships given by the Levy’s have impacted more than 20,000 teens and children over the past decade, and;

WHEREAS their support through the decades has provided meaningful and significant Jewish experiences to thousands that would otherwise not have had opportunities to attend NFTY or URJ camp programs,

THEREFORE LET IT BE RESOLVED that Mark and Peachy Levy be granted NFTY Lifetime Membership, NFTY’s highest honor.

Respectfully submitted,

Rachel Kahn, NFTY-NW President                             Sophie Grossman, NFTY-CWR President

Spencer Winson, NFTY-SW President                       Jenna Snyder,  NFTY-SoCal President

On behalf of NFTY Northwest, NFTY Central West, NFTY Southern California and NFTY Southwest