Blog  NFTY-PAR: Visiting Tree People

NFTY-PAR: Visiting Tree People

By Sophie Kaplan, NFTY-PAR CVP

On Sunday of NFTY Convention, every participant had the opportunity to register for an offsite visit to one of twenty-five different options throughout Los Angeles. For my offsite visit, I chose to visit an organization called Tree People. Tree People was all started by a 15-year-old boy, Andy Lipkis, who saw a problem with smog in Los Angeles. His solution was to plant as many trees as possible with the help of some of his fellow friends. Over the years he continued to start projects to improve the air around him. All of his efforts lead to the creation of the Tree People.

The location of the Tree People is in a beautiful park.  To start off our visit we walked around the park and observed the efficiency of the layout of this park. Everything was set up in a way that makes the park get the most use out of the surrounding resources. Their parking lot is on an angle in order to collect water into their cistern, they have solar panels on all of their buildings; the paths of the trails are made from mulch, which recycles debris from surrounding trees. Everything they do there is sustainable.

Not only are they resourceful at their location, they work incredibly hard to make the city of Los Angeles a jungle too! They planted over 10,000 trees on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. They have realized that trees are so useful for so many things.  On the east coast we have trouble finding clean water, and on the west coast they have trouble finding any water at all.  They work together to improve the environmental conditions of their city.

This has inspired me, Isaac and Erica Strauss to start Hydrate Harlam project. We want to install water jugs to collect the water off of the roofs of camp buildings to water our gardens. We want to make camp a more sustainable place!

For more information about Tree People, please visit: