Blog  NFTY-SW: Things I learned at NFTY Convention 2013

NFTY-SW: Things I learned at NFTY Convention 2013

By Helaine Bach, NFTY-SW

Things I learned at NFTY Convention 2013…
Names might be hard, but conversations are easy.
Over eight hundred and fifty people all singing the same words at the same time is the most beautiful sound in the world.
It’s very possible to be closer to people you met five days ago than people you’ve known your entire life.
The NFTY cheer might sound different in every accent, but they are still the same words that bring our community together as one.
It’s easy to make a best friend and never see them again when there are more than 850 people in a relatively large area.
It’s hard to remember to miss your family when they’re all there with you.
Live and let live means accepting others AND accepting yourself.
Everyone has a gift and when we bring all those gifts together, magic happens.
Sometimes we make mistakes, but mistakes happen and the best thing to do is learn from them.
One person can change the world and that one person could be me.
Everyone has a story and you won’t have a clue what it is unless you ask.
Sometimes listening to a discussion is more meaningful than playing an active role.
It’s better to use your experiences to help others understand than to be too scared of them to let yourself learn.
Helping others learn means asking yourself lots of questions.
The only difference between a beach and a desert is the water. I like water.
North American board members are real people, not scary monsters who will eat you if you approach them or superheroes who think you aren’t worth their time
It’s very difficult to read “Helaine” off of a name tag.
The Jurassic Park Ride produces the perfect hair the next morning and so the obvious reaction is to install one in your backyard.
Having a panic attack in the House of Horrors classifies as “board bonding” if you’re with your TYG president and communications vice president.

Basically, I learned something I already knew: I have, am and will always “Live and Die N-F-T-Y!”