Blog  NFTY-MAR: Surpassing our Goals

NFTY-MAR: Surpassing our Goals

By Jennifer Vise, NFTY-MAR


I Hope you all enjoyed your Passover and spring break! I am writing this blog with a smile on my face. To be honest, I could not be more proud to be a part of NFTY-MAR this year. Our fundraising efforts have surpassed my wildest dreams.

At TheVent there were many different social action related projects going on. Listening to our speaker Talia Leman, is the first, then participating in the thrift shop, another, and finally raising money for the jugs!

Between all these wonderful things, I want to thank you NFTY-MAR, for giving so much money back to the NFTY-MAR scholarship fund, and our organization of the year TWLOHA. Here are the totals from TheVent:


  • North $180.25
  • South $155.51
  • West $78.47
  • East $486.79

Congrats to the East for raising the most money!!!!!! It is incredible the power we have as a region. Now for the totals. If you include the $1005 made at the thrift shop, in total at TheVent we raised $1906.02!

That brings our yearly total to……..$3012.87!!!!! What an accomplishment! Hope this amazing ruach and love for social action continues as we close off the year.

Until next time (aka all of you will sign up and be at Spring Kallah)….

Your Super Awesome VP,