Blog  NFTY-CWR: NFTY Tears


By Sarah Levin, NFTY-CWR

I’d like everyone to know that I’m crying right now. I set out to write a pithy, funny little piece about what being a NFTY Senior means to me, and I start crying. NFTY does that, y’know? We all associate NFTY with laughter, with prayer, with smiles, but we never really realize how much crying is involved with being a NFTYite.

It’s not always bad crying, though. I’m sure everyone here can remember laughing so hard they cry at an event. We can remember being just so happy to see someone that we start tearing up. I personally remember crying like a baby at 2012 Installations because I was so proud of our new PVP (what was his name again? Jack?). But sooner or later, everyone in NFTY goes through the sad NFTY tears. The tears that come at the end of events, at the last closing circles, or (for me, at least) at our last events. And you know what? We shouldn’t be afraid of crying.

We’re crying because we’re remembering all the amazing things we’ve done here. Remembering meeting new friends. Remembering sitting in great programs that change our lives (seriously, what WAS that guy’s name? Mack? Brack?) and doing social action that changes the lives of others. Remembering singing with our songleaders, sharing sleeping bags, and endless cuddle-puddles. We cry because we remember NFTY, because we know we’ll never be the same. And frankly, we wouldn’t want to be.

So, what does leaving NFTY feel like? I feel like crying. And, you know what? I’m okay with that.

  • Robin Karp

    This made me have happy tears, crying.