Blog  NFTY-PAR: Why We’re Different

NFTY-PAR: Why We’re Different

By Mike Brest, MaLTY PVP

Out of curiosity, when was the last time you told someone how you feel about them? Not someone you’re close with, but someone who made an impact on you, without them even knowing. For me, it’s been a while. But why? It doesn’t make sense. Numerous people impact our lives in a positive way, but do those people know they did? Probably not.

My high school is in the middle of Kindness Week, which is from November 18-22. Each day, there is a different theme. Sometimes in life, we need reminders and that’s what this week is, a GIANT reminder. It’s a way to praise those who are always nice, and serves as a reminder for those who aren’t always. To start this week off, someone created a post for the Facebook group for the Radnor class of 2014:

“Hey guys! I was thinking since it’s kindness week…Why not do something fun, nice and bonding! Let’s try and do a chain reaction. (Tag a person you find amazingly awesome and have that person compliment someone else!)…”

The post continued to name the person who had an impact on him/her, and then that person kept it going. There are over forty-five comments since it was posted Sunday night (11/17)!

When I saw this, I immediately thought NFTY-PAR should do this, so I started it on the NFTY-PAR Facebook page. I posted it Monday night, and it already has over ninety comments! These thank-you comments range from NFTY-PAR alum, to seniors, as well as first year freshman. But those freshmen named seniors, and those seniors named freshmen, and that’s the beauty of NFTY-PAR, age and grade don’t matter. The NFTY-PAR community is unique. The usual restrictions put on teens in high school do not apply in NFTY. In a normal high school, there that isn’t much grade integration on a large scale. Then within each grade, there are different social groups that can be broken down even further. In some cases teens can be a part of many different groups but those groups don’t necessarily interact, so a teen will hide a part of themselves. But this is why the NFTY-PAR community is so special. There still are friend groups, but if you ask me, it’s more of individuals that wander around interacting with everyone instead of just groups.

See for yourself and add your own comment or start a kindness chain reaction somewhere else. It makes quite an impact!