Blog  Why I’m proud to be a NFTY Alumna

Why I’m proud to be a NFTY Alumna

By Beth Rodin, Associate Director of NFTY

I am the luckiest person in the world. I have the opportunity and honor to travel around NFTY and visit so many of our regional events.  This weekend, I went “home” to NFTY CAR and NFTY NO.  I grew up in CAR, staffed events while I was in college in the Northern region, and then spent five years as the CAR and NO advisor.  When I returned today to visit, almost 15 years after my first event as a participant, I was truly struck by the amount of alumni who had also returned this weekend to be part of the largest Winter Kallah these two regions have ever seen.

NFTY Alumni in CAR/NO
NFTY Alumni are amazing.  In the picture above, you’ll find:

  • Rabbis
  • Educators
  • Teachers
  • College students in schools across Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, Washington DC, Boston, Iowa, and Denver
  • Graduate School students in areas including Law, Experiential Education, Adolescent Development and Jewish Education
  • Full time Jewish professionals
  • Part time Jewish professionals
  • Volunteers
  • Dance teachers
  • Marketing and PR professionals
  • Mothers
  • Fathers

NFTY Alumni are even more amazing because the group of people above, through their connections with NFTY, have done remarkable work in the areas of:

  • Gun Violence Prevention
  • Mental Health Research
  • Cancer Research Fundraising
  • Caring for families of children with cancer
  • Inclusion for people of all abilities and needs
  • Israel advocacy and education
  • Raising awareness of Invisible Children and fighting against the recruitment of child soldiers in Uganda
  • Creating a tight-knit amazing community that cares about each other and takes part in each others’ times of happiness and sorrow

Over the years, groups of NFTY alumni, like the one above join together to celebrate weddings, to take care of each other when someone is sick, to welcome new babies, to cry together at funerals, and to be part of each others’ lives.  I have always been thankful for the NFTY friends and colleagues who have grown to be part of my chosen family.

Do you have great memories with your NFTY friends?  Help us reconnect and strengthen ties this year as we kick off our celebration of 75 years of NFTY. Visit and join us in reconnecting with 75,000 NFTY alumni!