Blog  NFTY-NE: The Power of Planning a Region-Wide Event

NFTY-NE: The Power of Planning a Region-Wide Event

By Ben Taub, NFTY-NE member and co-president of MANTY

NFTY-NETwo Chainz, two years, two tries. This was the motto of MANTY’s Winter Wonderland this year. After a snow storm (ironically named Nemo) cancelled Winter Wonderland last year, all of MANTY really wanted to create an amazing event.

Winter Wonderland is considered a region-wide event, meaning it is planned and put on by the youth group rather than the regional board. Planning a region-wide event is a unique experience. MANTY isn’t one of the regions’ biggest youth groups. However, the task of planning an event for the whole region to enjoy brought our small youth group together. 15 teens and one advisor worked together to put together a memorable weekend.

The group planning the event had a wide range of experience in regional and region-wide events. Some, like myself, had been to many events and knew what it was like to be at a NFTY event. Some had been to only 1 or 2 events and were only slightly familiar with what NFTY was all about. Some had never been to an event before and didn’t know what to expect. The combination of experience within the planning process brought unique perspectives to planning Winter Wonderland and made the event more successful.

The beauty of NFTY took its course and by the end of the weekend MANTYites and NFTYites alike found why NFTY is so special.