Blog  NFTY-SW: Coming Back to NFTY

NFTY-SW: Coming Back to NFTY

By Dori Signer, TETY Advisor and NFTY-SW Alumna

When I graduated from NFTY in 2012, I knew my NFTY journey was not yet over.  I knew I would be coming back one day as college staff to regional events and that I would live vicariously though the stories that my sister would tell me.  When the Rabbi at Temple Emanuel of Tempe approached me to see if I was interested in being the TETY Advisor, words could not describe how excited I was! Throughout my time in NFTY I had various roles; I served a year as the TETY PVP as well as two years as the NFTY-SW PVP.  After graduating from NFTY I spent two summers at the URJ Kutz Camp where I channeled my passion for programming and worked as the Program Assistant.  But after getting that call from my Rabbi, I knew it was time to come home to NFTY-SW.  I was finally able to take the next step in my NFTY journey in a new role: TETY Advisor.

Coming back to NFTY after almost two years, I was amazed at the things I saw.  The teens that were freshman and sophomores when I graduated were now upperclassmen and leading the region.  While there were so many new faces, so much was the same.  The song sessions, the services, the programs, the socials, the friendships and excitement that the participants shared were all overwhelming!  There is truly no better feeling than coming back and seeing the organization that gave so much to me is still giving so much to so many Jewish teens.

One of the most exciting things to see was that the passion for social action was still intact.  Social Action Weekend was always one of my favorite events and seeing the NFTYites so excited to be helping their community brought such a smile to my face.  As one of NFTY’s 13 Principles, Tikkun Olam (repairing the world), it is important to instill in the lives of NFTYites how important giving back is so that way when they continue on into college and the rest of their lives, they will continue to give back and seek to do good wherever they are.

In all, I could not have asked for a better first NFTY-SW event to be my first event as an advisor.  I am so excited to continue to work with TETY (the best TYG!) and attend regional events to watch as the region continues to thrive and serve as a place to learn, to grow, and to have fun to all participants.