Blog  NFTY-PAR: Being a Role Model is a Life Changing Experience

NFTY-PAR: Being a Role Model is a Life Changing Experience

By Sophie Kaplan, NFTY-PAR PVP 2013-2014

Being a senior at Spring Kallah was such a different experience. Besides the bitter sweet good byes and feelings you aren’t ready to have, you get to really see the growth of the region and witness the impact you have had and others have had on yourself. You see the freshmen begin to embrace PAR and show the incoming freshmen how amazing it is; you see the sophomore’s get out of that too cool phase and start to see what PAR can do for you; and you see the juniors start to get that veteran attitude and ready to take the lead in the region. And you see the seniors realize they will be okay next year because PAR has taught them so much.

Growing up in PAR, I wanted to become a role model for people younger than me just like the people older were for me.  And I was always very nervous that I didn’t leave that legacy that I wanted to within the region. But being engaged in PAR has helped me realize what a true role model is and means. Being a role model is an experience of mutual respect. It is so hard to lead people when you haven’t given any time to get to know them. And I tried my very best throughout my time in PAR to build those relationships and make an impact. I had hoped that I would leave a legacy of leadership through trust, learning and respect. I hadn’t realized I had accomplished my goals until friendship circle, when I received several PARgrams from people I talked to often and people I rarely talked to. It was the most rewarding feeling reading kind words of affirmation from so many people. PAR has given so much to me and I am so fulfilled that I successfully gave back to PAR.