Blog  NFTY-MVP: Coming to a Blog Near You

NFTY-MVP: Coming to a Blog Near You

Talia Capozzoli is the NFTY-Membership Vice President. She is a freshman at the University of Arizona


I’ve come to realize that in NFTY, we often say we should “start with why,” a quote taken from Simon Sinek’s informational TedTalk. All of the greatest organizations, all of the greatest leaders in the world don’t believe in first defining the problem. They believe that they must first understand why they do what they do. This holds true in NFTY, because we continually progress and change. I believe we should “start with why.”

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Talia Capozzoli, NFTY-MVP

Over the next few months I will be dedicating each Monday to sharing some of my favorite Membership tools, tricks, and lessons. Check the NFTY blog each week to find posts containing helpful hints about all things membership and leadership. For the first few weeks, I will be sharing parts of NFTY’s TYG Starter Guide, an important resource with great advice for novice and veteran Membership Vice Presidents. I will also add some helpful commentary on the specific pieces, elaborating further on each section. You’ll also find some great posts from the NFTY MVP Network ranging from inspirational stories to hypothetical situations and what you might do to address them.

MVP Monday is a tool to help our movement grow. With our goal of engaging youth from 75 new synagogues for 75 years of NFTY, the TYG Starter Guide will help teens who are not yet involved gather information so that they can do so. With the amazing insight of the NFTY Regional MVP Network and other NFTY leaders, the hints and tricks will help spread leadership through all tunnels.

So, let’s “Start With Why.” Let’s begin spreading knowledge and information throughout NFTY and beyond. Let’s continue with old traditions and form new ones. Let’s build all forms of leadership. Let’s engage more teens than we think we can. Let’s move this movement forward.