Blog  NFTY-MVP: MVP Monday #5

NFTY-MVP: MVP Monday #5

Now that the first couple of months how to grow your TYG has been covered, it’s time to move onto month 3 and 4. Just as crucial as the first two, these two months are where the TYG leadership is established and another membership event is planned. It’s important to plan the next event so soon to keep potential new members engaged and active in the youth group. Establishing the TYG leadership will also help engage teens in the community as well as make the event planning process more organized and thorough.

During month 3, you should focus on evaluating the first membership event. What worked; what didn’t work? What should your TYG do next time? One way to do this, is by looking at how many members attended the event. Another way is to reach out to a handful of those who attended to get their feedback!  Once you’ve done this, you can better look at what needs to be done in order to improve the attendance of the next program.MVP Monday 1 For more feedback, consider contacting an active, neighboring TYG. Their experience could help you understand what needs to be done to boost this enthusiasm in your youth group. Further, make sure to maintain a checklist of things that need to be done before the next event.MVP Monday 2 Making sure to manage your priorities will make things run much more smoothly.

In month 4, the TYG leadership should be established – sometimes this is done through a formal Executive Board and sometimes through a leadership committee. By now, there should be enough active members who can be asked to participate in the leadership aspect of the youth group. Before recognizing those members, set a date for these special elections. Set-up guidelines for what it means to be a board member for the TYG, and what each role entails.MVP Monday 3 You can find a full list of the position responsibilities in the NFTY Constitution on pages 11-16. Those are the North American Board positions; however, each region has their own list of board roles. If you had between 0-5 members in attendance at your second event, consider electing the following positions:MVP Monday 4

If you add either 6-12 or 13+ members in attendance at your second event, consider electing the following positions: MVP Monday 5 An alternate way of creating the executive board could be through nominating a group of teens to lead the TYG without title positions. Also instead of doing a standard election process, the executive board can be constructed by an application process, in which the positions are filled by teens chosen from the Advisor and other adult leadership. Finally, once the TYG board has been elected, it is time for the executive board meeting to be planned. There, the executive board should being the planning process for the third membership event, coming up in month 5. Moreover, the executive board should also compile a four month calendar, consisting of events for the rest of the year, to be sent out to all members and potential members of the TYG.MVP Monday 6

The hard work is over, and what’s left is paving the pathway to a more connected teen community. No less important than the first four, the final month defines what your TYG truly is. So, make sure to check back next week for 5 Months to a Working