Blog  NFTY-NEL: Derech Atid 2014, An Event of Firsts

NFTY-NEL: Derech Atid 2014, An Event of Firsts

Aly Silverberg serves as NFTY-NEL Communications Vice President
Every year, NFTY NEL brings together the leaders of the region for a weekend full of leadership training, learning, singing, dancing, and of course, AsehFUN at an event we like to call Derech Atid.

It was an event full of memorable firsts! Derech Atid 2014 was the first time the region opened up the event to those who were not on their TYG board, but still looking for leadership training and opportunities. This wonderful addition of Nellers made the event a huge success! It was one of our largest Derech Atid events ever, with over 120 participants!

NEL DA postOn the social action front, this event was also the first opportunity for NEL to have it’s first of many “10 minutes of saving the world” program. All of the participants watched a short video from Friends of the IDF, then took a few minutes to write letters to people serving in the IDF. This program was planned before our region voted on which charity to donate the money raised during the event. It just so happened that the region voted for Friends of the IDF! It made the money raised at the event much more meaningful. NEL raised $525 for Friends of the IDF through a regional tradition of giving back lost name tags called “buy back your name,” auctioning off Canadian food, and auctioning off our mitzvah minions to help schlep luggage and such at Fall Kallah.

Derech Atid was also a first for “TYG time” where TYG’s take a few minutes to catch up, and check in on members whose first event it may be. It’s nice to have a little bit of down time with your own TYG, because we can all get caught up in the midst of an event.

As a regional board, we were looking for ways to make Asefah a source of pride for our region. During Asefah at Derech Atid, we decided to introduce the meeting in a fun way, with our first Fauxsefah. Fauxsefah helped clear up the purpose of Asefah for the region, and the impact it can have. We decided to annex Great Britain during Fauxsefah, as a tribute to our new (British) Regional Advisor Josh Dubell! Asefah ran very smoothly, with a few resolutions brought up. More information on our “vegetarian amendment” will be written in another blog post by our SAVP, Amanda Werger. It was an interesting meeting, and now NEL seems to see Asefah in a different light.

Of course, what would Derech Atid be without some leadership training? Each network of board positions and the general board had programming throughout the weekend, and various leadership activities were taken part in throughout the weekend by the region.

Along with new and exciting programs, services, songs, and more, Derech Atid was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who helped make sure the event ran as smoothly as possible. NEL, can’t wait to see you all at Fall!