Blog  NFTY-RCVP: A Reflection and a Thank-You to NFTY Northeast

NFTY-RCVP: A Reflection and a Thank-You to NFTY Northeast

NFTY Northeast, it was a pleasure.

As I stepped off the plane in Boston, I knew it was going to be a great experience—it was a sunny day and I saw one of my favorite NBA players in the airport baggage claim. I asked him how his previously torn ACL is and he responded that it’s “much better.”

I was picked up from the airport by two friends whom I had met through NFTY in Israel’s 2012 L’dor V’dor program. (Wow, did that trip expand my Jewish geography). Later that evening we went to Newton, Massachusetts.

I met about 25 NFTY NE’s members, along with one visitor from NFTY NO’s regional board who just happened to be in the area, outside of the infamous Netwon Centre Panera Bread. I had never had Panera before, so this entire trip was revolutionary.

With yummy food and pleasant weather, we all sat around in a circle in a plaza right outside of the restaurant, noshing and schmoozing. After some introductions and brief conversations, I stood up in the middle of the circle and presented a paradigm that the North American Board gave to the #Kutz14 participants about a cube, a ladder, a horse, and a storm. (If you are intrigued and would like to know more about this, contact me or anyone else on the board)! After this thought-provoking exercise, we transitioned into Havdallah, in which Alyssa Berkson, NE SAVP led with NE RCVP, Ari Seckler. For the first Havdallah of 5775, I could not have been happier. This year is off to a great start.

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NFTY-NE RCVP Ari Seckler and NE Representative Dan Epstein with a touchstone text worksheet from Leadership Training Institute.

The next day was Northeast’s one-day event, LTI, or Leadership Training Institute at the Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Springfield, Massachusetts. One aspect of the LTI was network time, where the regional board member meets with members of his or her TYG counterparts. Ari, the NE RCVP, led particularly phenomenal network times.

The day was extraordinarily insightful. I loved seeing the differences between my home region, SoCal, and Northeast. The transition techniques and some of the other event nuances were different, but the excitement was the same. NFTYites love seeing other NFTYites…simple as that.

I led a short discussion about the influence social media has had on my life, and more specifically, my NFTY “career,” along with mentioning the practicality and importance of social media within NFTY today. Specifically, I focused on engagement. Social media inherently engages its audience, whoever that may be. NFTY NE’s regional twitter, Facebook page, and Instagrams for their two mascots, Merriweather and Nemo are a testament to this. They bridge the gap and lessen the disconnect between participants when they’re not at events.

There was a fascinating rotation-style program that focused on many attributes of leadership including sessions led by board members about being a super participant, temple youth group involvement, and the purpose for touchstone texts.

The event was wonderful. The board did a great job, I loved being able to meet the participants, whether it was one new songleader from a recently disengaged youth group, AISH, the two boys from Concord, NH, or the well-known Presidents of larger TYGs. NFTY Northeast’s LTI was a few hours packed with enough kavannah, neshama, and ahava to last months. NFTY Northeast…gimme some sugar!!!!!