Blog  MVP Monday #6: TYG Starter Guide Month 5

MVP Monday #6: TYG Starter Guide Month 5

Finally, the end to a long but rewarding process: the fifth month to creating your working TYG. During this month, you’ll find that it’s important to begin adding more educational aspects to your programs, and to make sure that two people co-chair the event planning process.10.6.14 1 Now, it’s also time to start fundraising for your TYG. Creating really awesome t-shirts to sell at your temple’s hebrew school or having “parent’s night-out” babysitting events are just two ways to make sure there’s enough money in your budget to have better, more elaborate events. Before you plan one of those events, though, the TYG leadership and advisor should get together to establish how much money is needed in order for the youth group to function, otherwise known as a budget. There should always be wiggle-room in the budget just in case something unplanned comes up.10.6.14 2

Further, make sure there’s a recruitment plan. In order for the TYG to stay strong year after year, there should always be freshman at every event. One way to make sure the younger teens stay involved is by inviting 8th graders to “rush” events, or even to the end-of-the-year TYG events.10.6.14 3 Moreover, keeping an event calendar will help members plan out which events they’re interested in going to and will show new members the dates and types of programs you have to offer. When creating this calendar, make sure to focus on dates that won’t intersect with NFTY Regional events, temple events, school breaks, or jewish holidays.10.6.14 4

Recap: the first month should consist of approaching your temple, finding an advisor, reaching out to potential new members, and contacting your regional staff person. In the second month, you should focus on planning and promoting the first event. During the third month, you look to evaluate your first event and have your second membership event. The fourth month should be dedicated to creating TYG leadership i.e. executive board. Do all of this, and in the fifth month you can begin fundraising for your TYG and continuing to recruit so that your TYG can thrive.

If your temple does not have a youth group or the youth group is not as active as you’d like it to be, the 5 months to a Working TYG shares helpful tips and hints to how to get the ball rolling. By taking initiative, you’ve showed interest in doing more, engaging youth, and promoting Judaism. Those three things are such important aspects of a leader. Passionate and dedicated leadership is the reason why jewish youth are becoming more and more active in judaic life, and so, you are the reason the movement is moving forward.

Coming next week, Leadership Roles and Responsibilities: The Art of Leadership!