Blog  MVP Monday: Top Five Tips to Leadership

MVP Monday: Top Five Tips to Leadership

Talia Capazzoli is the NFTY Membership Vice President

Leadership, as defined by, “is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal.” Something interesting about this definition is it states that leadership does not stem from authority over others, rather, it stems friendships and relationships. This week’s MVP Monday is dedicated to developing leadership skills through the top 5 steps to leadership as selected from the TYG Starter guide. It’s so important that these tools are shared, because this is the way our movement will continuously grow and develop.

  1. Every leader has “followers.” These followers can be defined as someone who agrees with the goals and vision of the leader or even wants to help in the finishing of an accomplishment. What’s important here to remember is the Forbes definition of a leader: authority is not enough in actuality; furthermore, doing great things, no matter how small, requires recognition. 10.13.14 1
  2. Sometimes, we picture a leader taking control over a situation, but it is always important to take a step back and remember that a team can only be a team if you share in the reward.10.13.14 2
  3. Having a vision is definitely step one to leadership, but step two is making sure that the vision can be followed through. Creating a plan and putting it into action is one way a leader can be successful in their endeavors10.13.14 3.1
  4. Believing in the work of others and delegating roles will also help in the completion of the goal. This is done in hopes of drawing out the best in those who help the leader become successful and to grow the team atmosphere of the group.10.13.14 4.1
  5. Lastly, a few things a leader should always know how to do, is laughing at themselves, keeping an open-mind, and letting others lead. These three things are sometimes the hardest things to do, mostly because they are not things that come naturally to everyone. Yet, those skills are the most important when being a leader. There is something to be said about a person who can laugh at their mistake or listen to others when they have an opinion; even those tiny moments can engage someone who otherwise might have been intimidated at the thought of speaking with a leader.10.13.14 5.1

MVP Monday is all about what it means to be a Membership Vice President. This form of leadership is something I’ve learned to be so crucial while being a MVP. Initiating a conversation among peers can really impact the true meaning of membership: engagement. Making sure that everyone’s voice is heard and that they all have a say is something so simple, yet it is something we often forget to do. I’ve been a MVP on a TYG level, Regional level, and now a North American level, and something that I’ve found so helpful when reaching out to teens is showing what you can give to them, not what they can give to you. This brings in a new sense of excitement and want to join in, all by starting a simple conversation with a prospective, new, or old member. So, I challenge you to appreciate everyday leadership. I challenge you to value the impact you have on someone elses life, and I challenge you to celebrate the small moments you see when no one else is looking.

Come back next week for To Infinity and Beyond: Setting Realistic Goals!