Blog  MVP Monday: Get SMART!

MVP Monday: Get SMART!

Every good youth group event started with a goal. Whether this goal was numerical or experiential, it was a goal nonetheless. Throughout today’s post, you will learn my personal favorite way of goal setting and how to put a plan into action.

Something I learned during my year as TYG MVP was how to create a “SMART Goal”. My TYG Advisor really believed how important it was to have defined goals, rather than just a goal statement. At our board retreat, he showed us this way to format goal setting so that it was clearer to understand and detailed enough that it would be easier to accomplish. So, below you will find an example of a SMART Goal and some questions on how to craft the perfect goal (attach SMART Goals picture):


SMART GoalsS: Specific.

What will you try to accomplish? How many people will you reach out to for the event? How many people do you want at the event? How will you do that?

I want to create an effective lounge night for my youth group. I will reach out to all of the eligible teens in my congregation through phone trees and flyers. I want at least 30 people in attendance.  

M: Measurable

How will you know the goal has been accomplished? How can you see this goal progress? Will you send out an RSVP form?

I will see this goal accomplished through a RSVP form submitted through Wufoo.

A: Attainable

Is this a realistic goal? Can this really be met? Is this not too far out of reach, but is this challenging enough to be a real goal?

This goal is realistic, because there were 15 people in attendance at the last lounge night, and we didn’t market the event very successfully. This goal is challenging because it is a 100% increase from the last lounge night.

R: Relevant

How is this goal relevant to the event? Why is this important to you? Why do you feel this goal needs to be accomplished?

The goal is relevant because there needs to be a larger presence at the smaller events so that there will be more at the bigger events. It’s important to me because it is my job as the MVP to maintain the membership within the TYG as well as continue it’s growth so there can be more events throughout the year.  

T: Timely

When should this goal be accomplished by? How long do you think it will take for you to accomplish this goal?

This goal should be accomplished 4 days before the event so there is enough time to buy supplies. It should take no more than 3 weeks to accomplish.


As a MVP, maintaining membership is the ultimate goal; in order to know what your membership numbers should look like, use the SMART Goals format. Further, to set realistic goals, keep in contact with your Advisor in order to pinpoint the average number of teens in attendance during events last year as well as how many teens are currently members of your temple to truly gage what the numbers should look like for this year. For more help on how to outline your SMART Goal, you can find a link to a SMART Goal Map, found at this link here.

Check back next week for the last MVP Monday from the NFTY TYG Starter Guide, To Infinity and Beyond: The Final Word!