Blog  MVP Monday – To Infinity and Beyond: A Final Word

MVP Monday – To Infinity and Beyond: A Final Word

This week, we wrap-up the NFTY TYG Starter Guide. Here’s a recap of the past 8 weeks:

1. What is MVP Monday?

During this blog post, you were introduced to what MVP Monday is all about: blog posts written for MVPs, by MVPs. For the past 8 weeks, I pulled my favorite information from the TYG Starter Guide, but from now on, the blog posts will be written based off of topics the Regional MVPs feel need to be shared.

2. NFTY’s History

This week, I pinpointed important dates from NFTY’s history. Ranging from NFTY’s birth year to the first ever NFTY Convention, every moment was shared.

3. Netzer Olami

Netzer Olami, as I explained during week 3, is the International Reform Jewish Youth Movement for which NFTY is a part of. Though so far away from North America, these teens participate in programs and events just like we do. Making up 7,000 of the 16,000 person movement, Netzer Olami is something to learn about because as NFTYites, we have a large obligation to them.

4. 5 Months to a Successful TYG: Months 1 and 2

Creating a TYG is never easy, but with the TYG Starter Guide’s method to 5 months of successfully creating a TYG, it’s much simpler. During months 1 and 2, make sure to work on finding an advisor and gathering a group of teens together to make a small committee for creating programs, recruiting members, and promoting events.

5. 5 Months to a Successful TYG: Months 3 and 4

In months 3 and 4, evaluate the first event, so you can have a more successful second event. Further, make sure to plan the next programs during the upcoming month to keep members engaged. This should also be the time where you call a special meeting to hold elections. Once the board is elected, a 4-month event calendar should be created and published.

6. 5 Months to a Successful TYG: Month 5

The final month of creating your TYG should consist of fundraising and constant recruiting. This should be done in hopes to pick the TYG off the group and keep it thriving.

7. The Art of Leadership

This blog post explained the Top 5 Tips to Leadership: having followers, working well with the team of followers, creating a plan to follow a vision, believing in the work of others, and never taking yourself too seriously.

8. Setting Realistic Goals

During last weeks blog post, I explained my favorite way of goal setting: using SMART goals. This way, your membership vision is more clearly laid out, making it easier to complete.

With the wrap-up of the TYG Starter Guide, the basics of membership have been covered. You, as the Membership Vice President, will now be able to take all of this knowledge back to your home region, your TYG, or your community to form and grow leadership higher than it’s ever been before.

Remember to check back next week when Scott Rubenstein, the NFTY PVP, and I cover 18 Evening Programs to do Other Than a Dance.