Blog  MVP Monday: 18 Evening Program Ideas

MVP Monday: 18 Evening Program Ideas

The results are in. The most overused (potentially overdone?) evening program is…a dance. Want to try something new and engaging? Here’s 18 other engaging evening programs besides for dances:

1. Glow in the dark dodgeball and painting

Event 1

CWR used this program at C-Dubb smash and it was a smash hit!

2. Photo Scavenger Hunt

event 2

3. Hypnotist

Event 3

Ever wanna be Beyonce? With hypnosis, now you can!


4. Bounce-houses/carnival games

Event 4

5. Go-karting

Event 5

This is one program Mario and Luigi would love to take part in.


6. Pool Party

Event 6


7. Cosmic Bowling

Event 7

Three strikes doesn’t mean you’re out, it just means you’ve got a turkey.


8. Improv Night/Stand-up comedy

Event 8


9. Super Sloppy Night

Event 9

A white t-shirt should do the trick!


10. Go to a Sports Game

Event 10

This time, three strikes really does mean you’re out


11. Karaoke

Event 11

Find out who has the X-Factor at your next Regional Event!


12. Region-wide acro yoga

Event 12

You’d be surprised what some NFTYites can do!


13. Cupcake Wars

Bringing the Food Network to a Region near you.


14. Color War

Event 14

15. Ice Skating/Rollerblading

Event 15

Don’t fall….


16. Theme Park

Event 16

17. Outdoor Movie Screening

Seth Rogen has never looked better


18. Jeopardy/Trivia Night

Event 18

What is the best event ever?


These are just some of the endless different evening programs that you can have at any of your events. Whether it’s a TYG or Regional Event, these programs are fun, engaging, and different than planning a program revolving around a dance. While dances are fun and upbeat, we always encourage trying something new!

Check back next week to read Jordan Brown, NFTY-STR MVP, and Brian Lenhard, NFTY-SAR MVP, write about Engaging the Unengaged.