Blog  MVP Monday: Socials and Mixers Gone Wrong

MVP Monday: Socials and Mixers Gone Wrong

This week’s MVP Monday was written by NFTY Ohio Valley Southern Membership Vice Presdient, Steven Carini.

Believe it or not, not all programs go as planned. In all honesty, this is especially true for Membership Vice Presidents, and for some pretty frequently, when it comes to mixers and socials. I’ve experienced this first-hand a couple of times already, and to say the least there’s only so much you can do to prepare. I particularly experienced this at NFTY-OV’s Leadership Training Kallah (LTK).

LTK was my first regional event as OV’s KITOWV (Southern) MVP, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. I was actually freaking out inside. I’m already worried enough as it is and OV’s OI (Northern) MVP and I just finished setting up an epic paint-based capture the flag social and are about to go into Havdallah when OV’s President comes to us and says “Multiple Advisors saw lightning, so we can’t do the social.” Needless to say, I about had a heart attack. I then remembered that we had written a back-up social just for this reason. We then had to scramble to find the materials for the back up, and set it up, and get copies to our group leaders, and fill them in on what is going on. The backup plan didn’t go at all as planned, we ended up having to cut time on parts of it, adjust a lot of different aspects of it and completely change some of it, in the midst of the social. Not only was this super stressful, but I also felt that the social was going to fail. Everyone else, however, thought it went great and had no idea we were changing things last second. The social did indeed “go wrong” so to speak, yet the only people who knew that were those of us who had copies of it, and it ended up turning out better than I ever imagined. I’d never seen NFTYites having that much fun in any social in the four years I’ve been a part of NFTY.

The lesson that I took away from this experience, and that you should also take away, is that when something goes wrong, especially a social or mixer, you have to remain calm. It’s also pivotal to always plan backup/rainy day socials and always be prepared to run the backup. Make sure you have a list of back-pocket mixers; that way, should one mixer go wrong, or not work right, you can always change to a mixer you know will work. I also learned that, as an MVP, you have to be ready for anything and you have to be able to adjust to any situation.

If you take away nothing else from my experience at least take away this: make sure you’re always prepared for the possibility of things going horribly wrong. Being prepared is a vital part of being an MVP. Without preparation, there’d be no epic socials and mixers, so keep that in mind. The other thing to take away is that when and if a mixer or social goes wrong, remain calm and adjust to the situation. As crazy as us MVP’s can be at times, we also know when to remain calm and keep ourselves in check. One of those times is when something goes wrong. As long as you stay calm and are prepared, everything else will work itself out, and in the end a social that goes wrong, might turn out to go better than you could’ve imagined.